In a G-Zero World, Will China Dominate Asia?

Bill Overholt, Harvard Asia Center

'China will be the regional leader in Asia. We're not talking about everybody joining an alliance with China. That's not going to happen. But, on trade issues, on local strategic issues, the Chinese voice is going to get stronger and stronger. And, even a powerful country like South Korea will be more and more influenced by Chinese views.'

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'China Did Not Cause America's Trade Problems'

Yukon Huang, Carnegie Endowment

Notice that when America's trade deficits start to get smaller, around 2005 or 2006, China's trade surpluses start to get bigger. They actually move in the wrong direction. What this diagram shows is that there is no direct link between China's trade balances and America's trade balances. It's a mistake to say that America's trade problems are the consequence of China's policies.

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China Real Estate Bubble? China Doesn’t Have a Real Estate Bubble.

Robert Ciemniak, Real Estate Foresight

A subset of ‘The Coming Collapse of China’ is the China real estate bubble, as in this 2016 Fortune headline: ‘China Real Estate Bubble: Will It Bring Down the Global Economy?’ China hasn’t collapsed. And, the bubble hasn’t burst because there isn't one big real estate bubble; instead, there are many smaller bubbles that ...

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Will 'One Belt, One Road' Tank China's Economy?

Pieter Bottelier, Visiting Scholar, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University

May 14-15, 2017, 29 heads of states met in Beijing for the Belt Road Forum. ‘During the Forum 317 major investment deals were signed between China and some 60 other countries from Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Eastern Europe.’ —'My fear is that Xi will see this initiative as an alternative to economic reform.'—Pieter Bottelier

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'China's got to realize the gig's up' 

James McGregor, Chairman, Greater China, APCO Worldwide

'One of the problems in the U.S. is we're always worried about the relationship. Let's make China worry about the relationship for a while. China's got to realize the gig's upthat they had a really good run, and that now it's going to be reciprocity. It's going to be fairness. If they want to do business with America and Americans, then they've got to open their markets the way we have.'

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First 100 Days: Do Not Provoke China

Malcolm Riddell, CHINADebate

Other countries already are negotiating with China on its version. Depending on who you listen to, the TPP and China’s version are either competitors or complementary. If we look at them as being complementary, then we probably would’ve had a good platform to be able to participate more actively in trade, and maybe have some influence on China as well. By pulling out of the TPP, there’s only one game left in town and we’re not in it.

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